Ghana – Cape coast and Elimina Castle

Some of the greatest things about Ghana is it’s history, the nature and beautiful places. We took a day trip to Cape Coast and then Elimina castle. It takes about 3 hours drive from Accra to Cape coast and 30min extra to Elimina Castle…if traffic is good to you. We recommend to start early. We left Accra at 6AM and was at Elimina castle at around 1030AM.

Cape coast

Cape coast has great historic importance in Ghanaian and African history, known for transatlantic slave trading. Our first impression of Cape coast is that it is very beautiful, with breathtaking coastline, good roads, beautiful nature.

We continued to Elimina, where the buildings stand as reminders of the citys history. The weather was too hot, so we did not walk outside too much, but we still saw and felt the energy of the city. Slightly calmer pace than Accra.

We had a guide at Elimina castle, and it was a powerful experience seeing the slave dungeons, hearing about the way people were treated and how the slave trading was conducted. It sends chills down the spine. We spent some hours in Cape Coast and Elimina – it was good to have visted both cities. We recommend to take a trip and revisit history.

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