Market frenzy in Accra

If you are ever in Ghana, take the opportunity to experience at least one market. It is quite an experience, it’s hectic, diverse and tingles all your senses. Depending on which market you aim for – prepare to be overwhelmed by the energy around you.

Makola market. Hell!!

Makola market is the most renowned in Accra, you will find everything from live snails to (Fake) Gucci purses. This buzzing, high paced and intense market will surely do something to you. You will either love it or hate it. We were there for a couple of hours, and it was definitely interesting, but we did not like it at all. It was so crowded, noisy and messy. People from all corners calling on you to buy their products and it is so big that it becomes a hassle. If you don’t mind all of this, then go for it. We will probably not go back to Makola market unless it is to do something very specific or necessary. But we are glad we experienced it, it is after all legendary in Accra.

We visited a smaller market in LaPaz – called New Market. Less crowded and you are not fighting for space with cars and other vehicles. This market has mostly fresh natural food, which is perfect for us since we are natural food enthusiasts. Fresh non contaminated food is one of the many great things about Ghana – all natural food!! 

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