How to spend a weekend in Ghana

What would you do if you had a weekend to spend in Ghana? Here is our quick guide to spending a great weekend in Ghana. TIP! Uber works well in the city, make sure your payment setting is on cash otherwise you will not get a car easily. You can also check out previous post on day trips.


Take an excursion outside Accra. This could be for example Elimina castle in Cape coast, Kakum National Park or one of the many waterfalls. The closest one is the beautiful Boti falls and the Umbrella rock close by. Because the only way to get around across Ghana is by car, sight seeing becomes a day project. But the good thing about that is that you get to see a lot of life along the road.

Driving to Boti falls takes approx. 3 hours one way. We started early, so leaving home at latest 8am. Once there you spend at most 1 hour there, before heading to the Umbrella rock, which is about 45min walk from Boti falls.

IMG_20180726_130002_020.jpgWe drove, thinking it would save us time and closer to the Rock, however we got lost and ended up at a creepy- hidden-off-track village where we did not understand their native dialect and they didn’t understand us. With a lot of creative communication we finally got it, and the locals guided us to the Umbrella rock. And it was well worth it.


The drive back to the city, Accra, took 3 hours, back home at 7pm. After this excursion, if not completely exhausted, go out for food, drink and music at the ultra laid back Republic bar and grill. The food there is basic, nothing fancy, so don’t have too high expectations. But if looking for an vibrant outdoor bar with good music and drinks, it’s a good place. The crowd is mixed, locals and foreigners, all ages from all walks of life. We liked it there for that particular reason.


Depending on what your preference is, if its shopping, Accra mall is a modern environment. If wanting to explore the city, head to Osu, Oxford street, where you will find all sorts of outdoor stands selling everything from clothes, food. Osu has also many boutiques, cafés and restaurants. The national art centre is also an option. If preference for cultural sight seeing, visit the Kwame Nkrumah memorial which is close by the national art centre.

You can also drive to see the Independence Arch, Black Star Gate and the Fort Christiansborg. Have lunch at Chez Clarisse, one of our favorite spots for late lunch in Osu. The Tilapia is fantastic. Don’t be put off by the outside of the restaurant, just shake that off and you will be positively surprised.

Evening time head for dinner at Coco Lounge or Urban Grill, international restaurants. They are popular and trendy spots, so book a table in advance. PS. Men can’t wear shorts nor sneakers. We learned the hard way. The prices are relatively steep, but I guess you pay for the atmosphere. The food is Ok.  After the dinner head to the nightclub Carbon, which kicks off from around 11pm. The place has an international-London feel and look to it.


Relaxation day. This means resort and beach day. There are many options, if you want a beach experience, the closest is Labadi beach. All thought we would recommend visiting the Labadi beach resort, where you will get access to the “clean” part of the beach. It costs 70GHC to use the facilities if you are not a staying guest at the hotel.

Movenpick Ambassador hotel and Kempinski gold coast hotel also have resorts, although no beach close by, they have very nice space for relaxation. Also here you can pay to use the facilities. The Sunday is relaxation day, so probably the whole day would be for this. For dinner head to Buka for some Ghanaian and other West African dishes.


6 thoughts on “How to spend a weekend in Ghana

  1. Those were nice pictures. The Boti falls and the umbrella rock are definitely worth visiting. On your way back you could pass through Kyebi and visit Okyehene’s palace.

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