Californian artsy vibes

Oh how we love artseeing on our travels, the art scene in San Francisco was magic. The galleries are lined up and concentrated in city center and we saw some incredible pieces.  We went from place to place and each place were just as brilliant as the other.


The prices are relatively affordable and if you are an art enthusiast you will appreciate how much beauty (art) you get for your buck. We were close to breaking our bank account to purchase an art piece, but we didn’t because shipping it to Norway would add additional 30-40% to the price (shipping and taxes in Norway). So then it wasn’t a bargin afterall….at least that’s what we told ourselves to get back to our senses. The art galleries had so much diversity with artists from all over the world. We fell in love with the pieces at Geffen Fine art Gallery. There are some amazing galleries along Geary street. There is also ofcourse the San Fransisco Modern art museum which is worth checking out.

Here are some of the bits we were allowed to take a picture of. PS. remember to ask permission to take pictures before snapping off.


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