Day trips, beaches and relaxation

When it comes to day trips and relaxation in Ghana – there are so many options to explore in the regions. And one of the beauties about taking day trips is experiencing the buzzing life along the road.

You will find locals selling everything from pottery, art craft, fresh fruits and vegetables. Because of all the action on the way, the drive feels shorter. We visted Cape coast, Kakum national park, Ada and brief trip to Kumasi. But Aburi botanical gardens and Boti falls (closer to the city) are also good places for day trips.

Kakum national park. Ready for the rain forest canopy walk.

We wanted to get out of the city and have a relaxing day at a resort with beach. We visited Aqua safari resort, which was nice, but it took us 2 hours drive to get there. And then we found out we had to take a boat from the resort to get to the beach for a crazy price.

Aqua safari resort
Aqua safari resort

It became a hassle for us, so we left and drove to another place not far away with was by the beach, Cocoloko beach.  It was off season so we literally had the whole beautiful beach to ourselves. This seemed to be a low budget resort, but really cool huts to rent. We were only there for the beach though.

cocoloko beach

cocoloko beach

For ralxation in Accra, Labadi beach is quite popular. Normally it is packed on Sundays, so visit during weekday . To relax entirely before heading back to Norway, we visited the Labadi Beach resort. A very nice place with a pool. Many locals, expats and foreigners come here to relax on weekends. You can choose to visit the beach right outside the resort or just stick to the pool.

There are many beaches and resorts in Ghana – Coconut Grove in Cape coast is one of the places on our list for next time. Enjoy relaxation!

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