A night at Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens

Remarkably enough, with all our trips to Copenhagen these years – we have not visited Copenhagen Tivoli gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. So it was about time.We were there right before dark and it’s not only an amusement park but also gardens with some fancy restaurants, bars, a concert stage. We found the park incredible after dark with buildings covered in beautiful colorful lights.

We took some rides, had some cotton candy, popcorn…ahhhh…it should be mandatory for everybody to embrace their inner child at least once in a while.

To make this visit even better, there was a spectacular firework show right before midnight. It was amazing! There is firework show every Saturday from May to September. Worth checking out if ever heading to Copenhagen. The Tivoli usually hold various events, so good to check well in advance.


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