A night at Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens

Remarkably enough, with all our trips to Copenhagen these years – we have not visited Copenhagen Tivoli gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. So it was about time.We were there right before dark and it’s not only an amusement park but also … Continue reading A night at Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens

The alternate town within Copehagen

Copenhagen offer a lot of sights and experiences. One of the more special  and popular is the self-declared and autonomus free town Christiania. It all started in the early seventies with a bunch of squatters taking over the old military barracks in Cristianshavn. Today the old military compound and the sorrounding area have blossomed into Christania. The first street you meet will have a “NO PHOTO” sign, as well as a “NO RUNNING” sign, this might seem a bit odd, but not when the street is named “Pusher Street”. An yes, that’s literally what it is. The next hundred meters … Continue reading The alternate town within Copehagen