Art, Design and Food in Copenhagen

IMG_20150514_131820WE’RE BAAACK…..There is something about this city that just allures us back again and again(see previous post). Our trip this time revolved around art, design and of course…food.  CPH has a buzzing art and design scene that is superb for those interested. You will find many modern art galleries and interior design stores at the street ‘Bredgade’. We liked Secher, a fine art store with many ‘one of a kind‘ vintage furniture of danish design and art pieces. For art museums try Louisiana, not only does the museum have a great selection of modern art but also beautiful park. Worth checking out if you want to enjoy art in beautiful surroundings. Another museum with a good selection of modern art exhibitions is ARKEN. We preferred Louisiana, it’s bigger, nicer and easier to access.

We explored Nørrebro area this time, a multi-cultural neighborhood with a laid back atmosphere. There are so many boutiques, cafès, restaurants and quirky niche stores – a very diverse community. We like it here.

Gentofte District
In CPH central

The Danish have a great tradition for tasteful bread, yeah you read correctly….BREAD. You will find bread and other yummyness with a twist. For breakfast we always got our freshly baked bread and delicious coffee at the very popular bakery/cafe/diner, Mirabelle. 

A restaurant we simply loved was BÆST, an organic Italian/Pizza restaurant. The Pizzas are a bit out of the ordinary – can actually call it gourmet Pizzas. They are amazing and a must try. Table reservations must be made good time ahead as the restaurant is very popular.



Another gourmet pizza spot is Gorms restaurant. We also visited No.2   – a trendy restaurant with affordable gourmet menu. We really liked this place – the service, the atmosphere and food.

No.2 Restaurant

The affordable gourmet concept is becoming quite wide spread in CPH like KUL, another restaurant bringing affordable gourmet to the people. Allthough KUL wasn’t our favorite, it was still nice to experience it. The clientele at both places is a mix of young and older and mostly locals.

If you really like diversity of people and food, then Torvehallerne is a must visit. A food market/court with everything, from fresh seafood meals to fresh spices and olive oil. There is something for everybody.

Torvhallerne Food market
Torvhallerne Food market
Torvhallerne Food market
Torvhallerne Food market

Another food market concept is the Copenhagen street food, a huge warehouse with loads of food trucks. A very laid back atmosphere and ideal for those on a budget or simply want to experience something different.

Fish and Chips at Torvhallerne

Two restaurants we did not have the time to visit was Kiin Kiin, the only Thai restaurant outside Thailand with a Michelin star and Chai Wong, the more relaxed alternative (same owners). IMG_20150514_160318

The parliaent
Great coffee – Torvhallerne

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