New favorite spots in Copenhagen

As you probably guessed, Copenhagen is one of our all time favorite cities in Europe. I can’t say it enough, but renting a bike is a really good way to get around and see the different areas of the city. Copenhagen, I think, is best during the warmer seasons e.g from spring to early autumn. When visiting Copenhagen, depending on your interests, I would say at least a three full days stay.

So this time around we explored some new areas, cafès, restaurants and lounges, some were more successful than others.So here are our favorites. The area we spent some time at was “Kødbyen” in Vesterbro. We liked this area as it is urban, trendy and known to have many great restaurants and bars/lounges.

For dining:.

Image: The guardian

Fiskebaren – a seafood restaurant. We discovered that this restaurant was very popular and that we needed to book well in advance. The interior itself is not extraordinary. The only thing that makes the interior interesting is the large cylinder aquarium containing lion fish swimming around. We got a seat right by the aquarium, which i thought added a certain touch to the dining experience (although it felt a bit grotesque enjoying a fish meal while staring at the fish in the aquarium). Its not a “chic” restaurant, but it has a relaxed (not too laidback though) environment and clientele. The food was delicious.

For late lunch:

Image: Aok

Try the gourmet burger restaurant Cocks ‘n’  Cows, we went burger crazed, visited the place twice during our stay. The menu was fun, the atmosphere was relaxed and I liked the interior as well. PS. order the “Twister fries”, they are REALLY good and addictive. What I thought was funny was the rest rooms where the mens room was marked “Cocks” and the ladies room marked “Cows”… a bit offensive for the ladies perhaps?

For evening drinks:

We visited the coctail bar Lidkoeb, a relatively new spot. It has three floors, each with different themes. But all in all it feels like you are in someones home with seating in front of the fireplace. Reminds me of Ruby  (same owners). The drinks are very good, the prices are not of the charts in any way. The clientele is a mix, so dress up or dress down, it all goes. However I didn’t see anyone with sneakers though.

We also visited The Union, which is a kind of “hidden” coctail bar. There is no sign on the door so you have to actually look for it. It was slightly annoying. When we finally found the place we knocked on the door in order for the door man to open up and let us in. I didn’t think it was worth the hunt/hassle, besides the good drinks, I thought it was too crowded and a bit too relaxed for my taste. However my better half enjoyed himself and liked the 1920s’ish style.

For cafè and time out:


Hotel Chocolat – a haven for chocolate lovers. This is a must visit if wanting to taste some exclusive and ridiculously delicious chocolate in all shapes, flavors and form. They have something for every taste. A good place to take a time out from wandering the streets of CPH. PS.try the cafe mocca, it’s liquid heaven!

3 thoughts on “New favorite spots in Copenhagen

  1. Thank you! This was helpful. Haven’t been to Copenhagen yet. But would def. try some of these places you mention. I got excited to travel there now 😄

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