Finally…we have visited Ghana and we loved it! This trip has been permanently on our bucket list for years. Birth place of Claudia and Mikkel’s first time visitor. Ghana has a lot of history and was the first of the Sub-saharan countries to get independence from colonial shackles.

Freedom and Justice Independence arch
Independence square

There are over 100 different ethnic dialects in Ghana, but English is the official language. Religion wise, predominately Christianity. We wont’ spend too much time repeating information that can easily be found online. So let’s talk about our experience, we will try to draw the essence of the trip and write several posts.

Government HQ
Government HQ

Weather wise, April was probably not the best time to travel to Ghana as the weather is both hot (32+) and quite humid. We recommend traveling in June, July, August. The temp would be around 27-28 celcius – dry and cooler.

We stayed in Ghana for exactly 14 days and split the trip into city (Accra) and village (New Denkhyira Obuasi) break. We also had day trips to Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana and Ada.

Accra central
Street sales
Accra central

There is a lot to see in Ghana, but the challenge is that the public transportation is not developed, there’re no trains and you get around by driving. This put limitations on how much we could see and experience of the country, because a trip outside Accra could take a whole day including driving hours. And if you happen to live on the “wrong” side of the city, traffic is brutal.

Replica of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. A gift from the Turkish people o the Islamic community of Ghana.
Busy Accra

We spent most our time in Accra, the capital. It’s modern and emerging as one of Africas most dynamic cities.

Areas to check out: Oxford street in Osu is the high street of Accra central, it is crowded, but that’s part of the whole experience. In the Osu Area you will find some of the most trendy restaurants serving local and international dishes,  cafees and bars. One of our favorite spots was Buka restaurant, a popular place that serve delicious local food. We loved it here.



An area that is up and coming is Airport city – an urban development project and trendy part of Accra. Here you will find international companies and western restaurant concepts.

Getting around: There are collective transport called ‘Tro tro’ (cheap private vans/mini buses for the public). Our preferred transport was private driver or taxi. Transportation is cheap – but takes a while to get from A to B. Bargining of taxi fee was a daily activity.

To sum-up, we love(d) Ghana, our trip was filled with great experiences.We can’t wait to vist again!!

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