Welcoming 2017 in Barcelona


Our trip to Barcelona was not all about food, yeah believe it, we actually did a lot of other fun stuff. We stayed 12 days in Barcelona, celebrated new years there. Gotta admit we (mostly others) thought we would get bored staying for so many days. Buuut guess what….we had a blast. Had something to fill each day. Spa, wine tasting, art-shopping, concerts, exploring new areas etc. We stayed at friend’s flat, so we had some stay-in and movie nights as well. Was perfect. We recommend renting a flat if a visit is over three days.

Locals in Barcelona usually stay in and celebrate new year with family and friends, so if you’re looking to mingle with locals, then you’d have to know one and have them invite you to their home. Other wise join other foreigners/visitors in paying crazy money to do something “special” for new year. If like us, not particulary clubbing type of people, then combine dining at a good restaurant (book well in advance) with an event, then go watch fire works if you are into that.

We kicked off our NYE with the amazing Johann Strauss new years eve consert with opera and ballet at the incredible Palau de la Música Catalana. The details on this building is unbelievably beautiful. Pictures just doesn’t do it justice…at all!

Palau musica catalana

We then went to the Montjuic fountain to see fire works with hundreds of people. It was crowded, but that’s part of the experience. Locals and foreigners together ringing inn the new year. It is Barcelonas public New year tribute for the people. You can either head home or continue to a party after that.

Our second time at the Palau musica catalana was to see Rock symphonic – a superb show where well known rock hits are played live by a reknowned symphony ochestra. Goose bumps and chills garanteed!! They played songs like We will rock you, Eye of the tiger and Final count down as a bonus.WOW WEE!!!

Last, but not least, our  visit to Sagrada familiaGaudí´s emblematic temple in Barcelona. It is touristy yes, but this is just one of those things you have to see and experience in your lifetime. Touristy or not…this is a MUST when in Barcelona.

So this sums up the extra fun bits of our Barcelona in 2017. We sure loved starting the new year in this ûber cool city. Oh yeah another thing…LOOK down on the ground when inside or outside…lots of cool details and design on the ground.



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