Art is in the streets of Barcelona

Art is always a priority on our trips and our latest trip to Barcelona was no different. There are many art galleries and art museums in Barcelona (check out previous posts on favorites and  more). But some of the most interesting urban art work can be found in the streets of this amazing city…well more specifically Gothic quarter.

Get lost in the streets and discover the most entertaining art pieces on buildings and walls.


That’s certainly what we did and came across Base elements – an urban street  art gallery. And we LOVED it! The art works are by local street artists that have or are crossing over to canvas (gallery). You will find pieces by popular street artists such as “Art is Trash” .

We recommend visiting this place and getting lost in the streets of Gothic quarter if you are interested in street and urban art. You will be amazed just how fun it is to discover colorful cool art work bringing gray dirty concrete and brick walls to life.

3 thoughts on “Art is in the streets of Barcelona

  1. So much street art, amazing! I’ve been travelling and also capturing some street art around the world, feel free to discover it in Cheers PedroL

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