Top 5 foodie spots for foodgasms in Barcelona

You know that moment when you taste something that really hits the spot….oh yeah we are talking foodgasms. And man did we have many of these during our 12 days in Barcelona. We had a long list of restaurants that we had set our eyes on to explore, we literally visited a new restaurant every day…and we still only got through just half the list. Well either way we came, explored, ate and landed on our top 5 foodgasm places. How we landed on these top 5 is mostly based on the actual food, then décor, atmosphere, service, wine list. Price isn’t taken in as criteria but none of these places are over the top.

Number 1 is the ever so grand Boca Grande with its sister bar section Boca chica.


20161228_172421Why we loved this place, the food is superb, the interior is so mellow, warm and beautifully decorated. It feels like going back in time.

And weird to actually mention rest room on a food list, but seriously check out the bathroom when there. It must be one of the coolest rest rooms we have seen.


Number 2 is Cecconi’s,the uber chic Italian restaurant with this amazing service , food and décor and atmosphere. We loved every bit about this place and would make it our regular spot when we visit Barcelona again. The Sunday brunch/buffet is said to be incredible, so make room in tha belly and time to check it out.



Number 3 Cheri restaurant place is similar to Boca Grande in style. We had the best cod and ratatouille ever. slightly laid back atmosphere and service is good.

Number 4 Zuka, So why would we eat Japanese in Barcelona, well the fact is after many days in Barcelona – you kinda get enough of tapas. This Japanese fusion restaurant with the delicious food. Sorry but no pics from this foodgasm spot.

Number 5 Brunch&Cake, well this spot is a must if you want to have healthy start for the day. The name of the place doesn’t really sound like a healthy joint, but they serve the most delicious pancakes we ever had. They have several branches in Barcelona, but normally it’s packed, you can’t make a reservation so come early, put your name on the waiting list and wait for a seating. If you are lucky the queue will be minimum and you only wait for 15 minutes, if you are unlucky you can wait for 45 minutes for a seat. The longest we waited was 25 minutes. But it was worth it.

Bonus place is the burger joint Deja Burg – reason why this one is on the list is because it is hard to find a really good gourmet burger place. We tried some places both in Madrid and Barcelona, but this one has the little extra foodgasm touch. The fries not all that special.


Well that sums up our top 5 foodgasm spots this time in Barcelona. ENJOY your trip and your own foodgasm tour.

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