Tuscany’s enchanting landscapes

Pienza on the hilltop at Val d’Orcia

Driving through Tuscany (the route from Florence to Siena) is the most enchanting drive we have ever experienced. The peaceful picturesque landscapes made it feel like we were part of a live painting. We knew very quickly that having a car is a must since one of our missions was to sample the Tuscany countryside and all its beauty stretching miles.  

Pienza on the hilltop at Val d’Orcia

The scenery is so enchanting that we sometimes struggled to keep our eyes on the road, so we stopped occasionally to soak in the beauty. Our drive in Chianti area was filled with endless acres of vineyards and olive groves. You will also see ancient castles, rustic farmhouses on hilltops.

Val d’Orcia (UNESCO) deserves to be mentioned for the beauty of its fields and landscapes that have inspired many Renaissance artists. The fields and landscapes that we have all seen on postcards and in paintings. It is idyllic and immensely beautiful.

The drive route to Pienza and Montepulciano was especially stunning, where we saw incredible views of the Val d’Orcia countryside. We recommend to bring a very good camera to capture the scenery

Pienza on the hilltop at Val d’Orcia

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