Lobsters and cars in London

London has always something to offer – we discover something new each time we visit. It’s like a bottomless pit of happenings and places waiting to be explored. With a little research you will find exactly what suits your fancy and make your visit perfect.

Millenium bridge meets St.Pauls Cathedral.

A London trip is never complete without discovering or trying a new spot. If you are a fan of lobster and burgers – have both at the Burger&Lobster. Gotta admit, it’s not often we have lobster for lunch, but that’s the whole point of travelling – doing things you don’t normally do. And if you want to try a bit of a quirky cocktail bar/lounge in Mayfair, definitely try Mr Fogg’s Residence.

burgers and lobsetrBond in motion, the exhibition for moderate and hardcore fans of the British agent, 007. We have all seen at least one James bond movie and have at least one that stands as a favorite. For 12 Pounds (expensive or not) you get to see many of the original vehicles and props from some of the most popular Bond movies. Which is fun, especially if you are a huge fan of Bond movies, if not, you will probably want to watch some of the movies. The exhibition wasn’t crowded so it wasn’t a battle for space to get to get a proper look at the items..for as long as you want.

Goldeneye- 1995
Quantum of Solace -2008
Diamonds are forever – 1971
Die another day – 2002

Enjoy exploring London!

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