Milano Worldfair aka Expo

We had been quite excited about visiting the 2015 EXPO in Milan. and finally in July we got to explore it. It goes without saying, but this is something worth experiencing if you have the opportunity .

Japan – digital tree of life

The Expo is basically a worldfair, with “Feeding the world” the 2015 theme. Many countries have their pavilion which they use to display  their interpretation of the theme. In all realness – many of the countries use this platform as a marketing/promotional opportunity, rather than genuine dedication to the theme itself. It seems like there is a “competition” on who has the most extravagent pavillion. Whatever the motivation, some of the pavillions are spectacular.


The Expo area is huge with people coming from all corners of the world and almost impossible to see all countries in a day. Even though we spent half a day there, we only got through a handful of pavillions.

Some countries were more popular than others, making the queues quite long and brutal in 38 degrees celcius. Italy, Japan, Switzerland and Austria were amongst the popular – with Japan being quite technology savvy and giving the audience a spectacular journey through their pavilion. During the evening there are colorful shows and also Cirque du Soleil.

Italian food hut

Tree of life

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