Dubai- a 48 hour affair

dubai We had a quick visit to the ever so grandiose city that is Dubai. Our trip was short, quick and mesmerizing. The way from the airport to the city core felt like in the middle of nowhere but as we got closer to the city we would see one extravagant building after the other. During our visit it was Ramadan so cafes and restaurants were closed during daytime. But many opened in the evenings.

We stayed at the Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beacha beautiful hotel located in Jumeirah. The area is Dubai’s newest dynamic and lively urban locations with basically everything one would need, shopping, beach, cafes, restaurants, cinema etc. The temperature was so high (45 degrees celcius) we couldn’t really wander outside during the daytime. Lying on the beach was out of the question so the hotels rooftop pool was a good place to seek haven from the intense heat.

The evening time was cooler, we strolled along the promenade of Jumeirah and had a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants lined up. We spent some time at the one and only The Dubai Mall.  Here you will find (amongst many other things) ALL the luxury brands that exist along with amazing constructions such as the aquarium. The mall is incredible indeed and its a must to check out.

dubai 2

We took a taxi everywhere because it was so hot we couldn’t walk outside. We had the cab driver drive around so we could see the city. Btw the cabs are of different caliber than cabs in large western cities. We cruised around in a brand new Lexus with soft and very comfortable leather seats.

If wanting a spectacular city view, make sure you find time to visit the Burj al Arab (book a table at the skyview bar in advance) or Burj Kahlifa (buy tickets in advance). Also visit one of the many souks if you have the time.

To sum up, although we probably didn’t visit Dubai at the best time and had limited time, we got a good sense of the city. Luxury is there for you to enjoy (if you have the budget). There is nothing you can’t find in Dubai. Heck there’s even an indoor skiing facility.

However grandiose, we felt the city was concrete filled, artificial and lacked soul. We will probably not choose Dubai as a full vacation destination. But it was great to have experienced this inflated city.

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