London my London


There is a saying that “if you are tired of London, your are tired of life”. Indeed London is all about diversity. The city holds a special place in my heart. I lived there for a couple of years and have visited numerous times. The city is huge and it’s easy to just stick to particular areas which one likes. I have a long list of favorite spots and activities. I will list some.

First thing is first, transportation, it’s efficient and expensive, secure a day pass or weekly pass – depending on how long you are staying. The underground can be a hassle to figure out even for those who are permanent residents. Plan your trips with TFL. Normally start off the day with fresh food at “Pret A Manger”.

I usually stay away from Regent and Oxford street – it’s extremely crowded and the shops repeat themselves every few blocks along Oxford street. When I do close up to Oxford street it’s to get to Selfridges. You can find almost anything at this place. At Selfridges – try the food court and have a glass at the Champagne bar. If you are a fan of doughnuts, Krispy Kreme is simply a must when in London. You can find it at the food court at Selfridges.

Knightsbridge or Kensington high street are good alternatives to Oxford and Regents street, you will find many of the high street and luxury brands here.  You will also find a lot of cafes and restaurants in both places. Sloane square and Kings road are also very popular areas with cafes, restaurants, antiques, exclusive stores and cutting edge fashion stores. they have less touristy feel and more local vibe. If you are a big fan of steak and BBQ ribs, try the Big easy located at Kings road. It’s very a laid back and popular spot for locals.

If you prefer a more cozy area, Covent Garden is also a very good place for shopping, cafes and restaurants. There is usually street entertainment there and it has many narrow streets with boutiques and other hidden gems. If you are a fan of cool American style diner with live musicRoadhouse in Covent Garden is a good spot. Book a table well in advance.

For evening – dinner at ‘Nobu’ or ‘Nozomi’. The food is Asian fusion and amazing, the decor is great, it’s chic, trendy and the clientele is stylish. So gorgeous attire is a must. If you are lucky you might spot one of your favorite celebrities. The prices are a bit steep though. It’s a advised to book well in advance. If you are in the mood for Latin American – COYA is a uber cool place with good food. For entertainment, see whats on at the Royale Albert hall, or check out the musical ‘Wicked’ and/or the ‘Lion King’.

I will write more about things to do, places to be and see when in London. But until then Enjoy the British melting pot!:-)

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