Viva la Paris

sacre coeur paris

What else is there really to say about Paris that has not been said or done. Our trip was in late April. Not the first time in Paris, but we try to experience new places whenever we are there. We stayed at Montematre, which is known for its interesting architecture, narrow streets and diversity.  This area is such a breath of fresh air, It’s not the most posh area in Paris, but it has this vibrant energy worth exploring.montematre

The atmosphere is quite laid back and people look artistic. There are of course loads of tourists, but it was most notable at the attraction Sacre Coeur and the area where the movie Amélie was shot – rue Saint Vincent. Personally we were aching to get away from this area, it wasn’t a special place to be and the Cathedral Sacre Coeur was beautiful but not that exciting.  It was also way too crowded.

We normally had our breakfast or lunch at this fantastic bakery Gontran Cherrier. We would sit by the window enjoying people watching and our freshly baked baguette.

Paris breakfast

In the nearby areas of Montematre, it is more edgier with the famous Moulin Rouge, lots of neon lights, sex shops and erotic clubs. We didn’t particularly find the area so interesting and we decided there were other places in Paris we would rather spend our time.


Champs-Elysee is really not that special unless you are there for only shopping. We found the area Marais to be more nicer and just a liiiiitle less crowded with tourist. We liked this area. Sundays are good days for strolling in Marais. There are some nice cafes and restaurants there and Rue de la roseraie is good to check out. For less tourist shopping center, try ‘Le bon Marche’.food kong2

For dinner we went to KONG a ûber  trendy restaurant with beautiful interior, young, well dressed,”Vogue” looking staff and wonderful view over Paris. The food is very good. We simply loved this place – its cool, chic and trendy. You can have dinner upstairs and then go downstairs for drinks and lounging. Make table reservations in advance. There is of course a dress code here that requires that you make an effort.kong 1For super fans of “Sex and the city”, I found out after my visit that the scene where Carrie meets the ex of Alexander Petrovsky was filmed at this place.

Another favorite restaurant is ‘Ciel de Paris’ , we really really enjoyed this restaurant, the food, the atmosphere, the interior and the amazing VIEW over Paris.

We were seated in the balcony and saw straight at the bright lights of the Eiffel tower. We booked in advance the seat and the menu. The lobster soup on the menu is ridiculously delicious….order it! This place we would recommend over and over again.

ciel de parisFor typical french cafe, try ‘Le Fumoir’, it is close to the Louvre. For bar/lounge – try ‘Prescription’, its chic, drinks are great. The place is small, but popular among the locals.


As alternative to the Louvre, try  the Musee d’Orsay and Musee Rodin, with its amazing garden  and sculptures. I think the Eiffel tower is more beautiful in the evening.


!! Enjoy Paris !!

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